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Eric Cole : Hackers Beware 6 April 2007

Posted by computeraholic in e-book.


Battle the wiley hacker by understanding how they think!
Gets the security professional inside the mind of the hacker.
Gives details of not only how hacking is done but how specific exploits work.
Integrating the student feedback he’s received as an instructor of the hacking exploit course for the SANS Institute, the author combines the real world and the classroom. Endorsed by the SANS Institute. Not a week goes by when you don’t hear about another Web site or network whose data has been compromised by the work of a hacker. Prevalence of these security breaches is increasing the interest in specifically how hackers work and what can be done to stop their destructive ways. Most people look at hacking as black magic, not really understanding how it is accomplished. But–if security analysts don’t understand hacking–they can’t protect against it. This book goes step-by-step through hacking, breaking down specific exploits, explaining how they work, what to look for, how to run them, and how to protect a site against them. Hackers Beware starts with a roadmap of the various areas of hacking but quickly delves into the details of how specific attacks work and how to protect against them. Since most attacks we hear about either occur or are perceived to come from hackers, people are very interested in “how they do that”, the techniques hackers use to break into systems. Hackers Beware is unique in that it gives specific exploits, exactly how they work and how to protect against them. This book will help readers understand what security threats they are up against and what they need to do to protect against them.
Eric Cole has worked in the information security arena for over 10 years. He is certified as a CISSP, MCSE and CCNA. Eric is very involved with the SANS Institute. He is in charge of the SANS Level One notebook, an instructor of hacking courses, and a member of the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) editorial board. Eric has extensive experience in the security and hacking area and devotes a lot of time to performing penetration testing for various clients. He is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

Paperback: 800 pages
Publisher: Sams (Aug 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0735710090
ISBN-13: 978-0735710092
Product Dimensions: 7 x 9 inches
File Extension: .pdf




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