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Hacker’s Black Book – Guide to hacking 6 April 2007

Posted by computeraholic in e-book.

Discover the secrets of the hacking scene. You’ll be shocked and fascinated!
Please do not misuse this knowledge!

Easy to understand with many examples.
Every day you hear in the daily news about hackers, virus, worms and trojans, SUB7, TCP, IP, PING, spoofing, sniffing, DDOS attacks, …? And you don’t know exactly what it is and how hackers do that. Don’t rest a “lamer”, Hacker’s Blackbook let’s you know and discovers many secrets.

Incredible how easy hacking and updateing is!
The book shows how simple you can use these programs. Scary? Sure, you must be carefull. The ONLINE READERS AREA and the CD-ROM helps and provides “clean” files. Tipp: Never download files from sites you don’t know. Hiding adware, spyware and trojans in free download files is actually a big problem.

You’re a webmaster?
Then there is no way for you, to NOT read this report. Otherwise your site passwords will be updateed to easy and your site is to simple to attack and shut down or to be defaced.

Do you know, what happens to your computer when you’re not there?
Really credolous. But you can prevent this or even find out what’s going on, while you’re not there.

Your computer is under attack?
Simply find out, who attacks you. And from where the attack is started.

Also included:
– Trick of the internet gurus.
– Hackers survival guide
– Hacking for dummies 2
– Hacking into computer systems
– Maximum security – A hacker’s guide

And many more themes in 19 detailed chapters…

Size: 3.7 Mb


Pass: http://www.soft-commander.net



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