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Android: 500,000 activations per day, or 180 million per year 29 June 2011

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Is about 6 per second…

The explosive growth of Android continues. According to Andy Rubin, the great patron of Android, the OS has now reached the incredible level of 500,000 daily activations. Even better, its growth would be 4.4%… by week.

Putting aside its weekly growth, 500,000 activations per day is equivalent to 15 million activations per month and 180 million per year. What do well turn heads.

After two difficult years – the first Android smartphone was launched in 2008 – the evolution of the mobile operating system since 2010 is awesome:

* May 2010: 100,000 activations
* August 2010: 200,000 activations
* December 2010: 300,000 activations
* April 2011: 350,000 activations
* May 2011 (start): 400,000 activations
* June 2011 (late): 500,000 activations

What is the part of touch tablets?
Only related to smartphones in its early stages, growth of Android is now correlated with sales of shelves. But as everyone knows, the iPad from Apple running iOS

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