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Google launch iRiver Story HD and target the Amazon Kindle 13 July 2011

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Mission: Amazon piss up

Present in the area of the books for more than six years now, Google is known for having digitized millions of books, which was not without problems of copyright. Google has however speed officially announcing the arrival on 17 July next in the iRiver Story HD, a light to moderate tariff with keyboard.

The product will be available initially in the United States, and only in Target stores, a competitor of Walmart. Sold $ 139.99, this e-book reader is designed by South Korea’s iRiver, known in the past for its famous music players.

The Story HD has the following characteristics:
* Screen: 6 inches (15.24 cm) E-Ink XGA
Resolution: 768 x 1024
* Colors: 16 shades of white / gray
* Storage: 2 GB
* CPU: 800 MHz Cortex
* Port: USB 2.0
* Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g
Port * SD Card
* Keyboard: QWERTY 38 keys
Battery: Lithium Polymer 1800 mAh
* Battery life: 6 weeks on standby, 14,000 pages

[via tabletmax]



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