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Smartphones: Apple ahead Nokia in value and volume. 27 July 2011

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and Samsung could do the same

The Finnish giant Nokia recently released financial results for its latest quarter. Rubbish, these results also to know the sales levels of the future former World No. 1 phone. And on the smartphones, Apple is ahead now widely.

Nokia has indeed passed only 16.7 million smartphones in the second quarter 2011 (34%) against 25.2 million during the same quarter last year. And the sector generated 2.368 billion euros (-32%), against 3.5 billion in 2010. Golden Apple in the same quarter of iPhone sold 20.338 million (142%) for a turnover of 13.311 billion dollars, but with the associated services.

That of Samsung or Apple will be the No. 1 smartphone?
This news is not a surprise. It was announced and all indicators suggest that Samsung is also expected to double Nokia. This should happen as soon as this quarter or next. We’ll know in a few days with the release of its latest financial results.

HTC also to Nokia?
Given the significant drop in

[via dcellphoneshop]


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