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NASA unveils its new rocket for manned space flight 15 September 2011

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The US Space Agency presented its new launcher Wednesday before Congress. Capable of carrying a capsule containing four astronauts to distant destinations, including March, the rocket should make its first flight test in 2017.

The rocket is designed to carry a payload of 70 to 100 tons. (Photo: Reuters)

The rocket is designed to carry a payload of 70 to 100 tons. (Photo: Reuters)

Nasa unveiled Wednesday the new us heavy launcher, intended for inhabited distant space missions, beyond low Earth orbit. According to former astronaut and Nasa boss Charles Bolden, this large rocket marks “the next chapter in the history of American space exploration.” Called Space Launch System (SLS), the new launcher will be associated with the Orion space capsule, developing, and the activities of the International Space Station (ISS).

The first version of this rocket will be able to transport to the cosmos a useful load of 70 to 100 tons, making it the most powerful rocket Saturn V, the Apollo program, which had allowed the Americans to be the first to walk on the Moon in 1969. The US space agency plans to evolve the SLS to increase its capacity to 130 tons. In comparison, the old shuttle (Atlantis, which last flew in July), could carry only 27 tonnes.

The first destinations should be an asteroid, then the Martian orbit before March itself. But the manned flight to the red planet is not for tomorrow. The first test flight is scheduled for 2017. The cost is estimated at $ 10 billion.



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