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iPhone 5 Presentation To Follow 4 October 2011

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What you can expect from the iPhone 5?

The new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, here photographed at the launch of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network, February 23, 2011. (Photo: B.MCDERMID/REUTERS)

The new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, here photographed at the launch of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network, February 23, 2011. (Photo: B.MCDERMID/REUTERS)

16 months after the iPhone 4, Apple must reveal his successor – the iPhone 5 – Tuesday, since its HQ in Cupertino, California. This time, no model found in a bar, and several contradictory iPhone 5 rumours persist on the eve of the event.

What suprise will Apple pointed on iPhone 5 presentation?

iPhone 4S or iPhone 5

This is the question that no one has absolute response. Will this new iPhone be a minor internal evolution – as the 3G or 3GS? Unless Apple provides a new design?

What is almost certain: the iPhone should embark on an A5 processor dual core similar to that of the iPad 2, 1 GB RAM (up from 512 MB currently), a camera boosted (to eight megapixels) and up to 64 GB of storage.

However, the chassis could be similar to that of his eldest… Unless Apple, as some models of Chinese cases leave it hope, will not reveal a phone on the screen larger, thinner, with a back polished aluminium, such as the iPad.

Some partners a little too eager, like Vodaphone, have listed the iPhone 4S for sale, but others, like AT&T, highlighted accessories for iPhone 5.

And if the two models were presented? It’s the latest rumor to date.

A low-cost iPhone?

A persistent rumour that Apple provides low cost iPhone with a plastic shell and 8 GB of storage. It would be surprising. IPhone 4 classic, as the 3GS before it, will probably just sold off, simply discounted to 50 dollars as part of a contract.

iPhone 4G and NFC?

While LTE networks barely emerge, Apple will no doubt wait the year next to spend. Mobile payment, Google launched his Wallet and a few manufacturers offer compatible smartphones. But as usual, Apple should expected that technology is more mature, and that payments terminals democratize before getting started.

iOS 5: A wizard driven into voice control?

We already know that iOS 5 will (finally) propose an overhaul of the system of notifications, with more discrete and mostly centralized alerts. iOS 5 also includes a close mail from that of the Blackberry system (free, compatible only between devices as iOS, in contrast to a What’sapp multi-platform).

Apple will also launch iCloud, to back up and synchronize phone without cable and without having to pass through iTunes. The only real novelty unveiled Tuesday should be a personal voice-controlled assistant. Apple has indeed acquired Siri 18 months ago, and should incorporate a modified version of the service in iOS. For example, “tell” the phone “appointment tomorrow at 14 hours with my boss”, automatically created an entry in the calendar.

With or without Steve Jobs

The new CEO of Apple Tim Cook, will officer. According to Reuters, Steve Jobs could however be present. Robert Scoble, often well informed, highly doubt it.

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