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Samsung Nexus Prime, First Look 6 October 2011

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While attention is diverted by the iPhone 4S and its possible ban in France and Italy, Samsung still communicates for the first time on the Nexus Prime, assumed name of the new “official” Google smartphone.

Samsung Nexus Prime will be the third generation of Nexus, after Nexus One and Nexus S models. It will be noticed right away that this phone will be distinguished by a curved screen that you can not miss since the only image of the product is made of profile. Three points might suggest a metal device recharges the phone and not making contact.

GSMArena has for its part of what its claims to be the first authentic picture of the Nexus Prime and displays the same characteristics. The screen is 4.6 inches in Super AMOLED and provided with a definition of 1280 by 720, a pixel density of 320 dpi. If this slab is confirmed, it will be clearly the most impressive in the industry. While the iPhone 4 (and thus the 4S) has a 326 dpi screen, but its size is only 3.5 inches. On the




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